Jahn, Otto

JAHN, OTTO (1813-1869), German archaeologist, philologist, and writer on art and music, was born at Kiel on the 16th of June 1813. After the completion of his university studies at Kiel, Leipzig and Berlin, he travelled for three years in France and Italy; in 1839 he became privatdocent at Kiel, and in 1842 professor-extraordinary of archaeology and philology at Greifswald (ordinary professor 1845). In 1847 he accepted the chair of archaeology at Leipzig, of which he was deprived in 1851 for having taken part in the political movements of 1848-1849. In 1855 he was appointed professor of the science of antiquity, and director of the academical art museum at Bonn, and in 1867 he was called to succeed E. Gerhard at Berlin. He died at Gottingen, on the 9th of September 1869.

The following are the most important of his work*: I. Archaeological: Palamedes (1836); Telephos u. Troilos (1841); Die Gemalde des Polygnot (1841); Peniheus u. die Mdnaden (1841); Paris u. Oinone (1844); Die heUeniscke' Kunst (1846); Peitho, die Gdllin der Oberredung (1847); Uber nnige Darstellungen des Paris- Urteils (1849); Die Ficoroniscke Cista (1852); Pausaniae descriptio arcts Athenarum (3rd ed., 1901); DarsleJlunten grieckiscker Dickter auf Vasenbildern (1861). 2. Philological: Critical editions of Juvenal, Persiu* and Sulpicia (3rd ed. by F. Bucheler, 1893); Cen*orinus (1845); Flo'us (1852); Cicero's Brutus Uth ed., 1877); and Orator (3rd ed., 1869); the Periochae of Livy (1853); the Psyche et Cupido of Apuleiu* (3rd ed., 1884; jth ed., 1005); Longinus (1867; 3rded. by J. Vahlcn, 1905). 3. Biographical and aesthetic: ueber Mendelssohn's Paulus (1842); Biographie Motor ts, a work of extraordinary labour, and of great importance for the history of music (3rd ed. by H. Disters, 1889-1891 ;Eng. trans. by P. D.Town*end,1891);Liuhnf Ukland (1863); Uesammelte Aufsdtte uber ifusik (1866); Biograph iscke A ufsdtte (1866). Hi* Grieckiscke Bilderckroniken wa* publiaoed after hi* death, by hi* nephew A. Michaelis, who has written an exhaustive biography in Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie, xiii.; see also J. Vahlen, Otto John (i87o);C. Bursia,n,Geschichiederclassischen Philologie in Deulschland.

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