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YABLONOI, or YABLONOVOI (" Apple Mountains," known to the Mongols as Dynze-daban), a range of E. Siberia, stretching N.E. from near the sources of the river Kerulen (N.E. of Urga in N. Mongolia) to the bend of the river Olekma in 56 N., and forming the S.E. border ridge of the upper terrace of the great plateau of Central and E. Asia. Its summits reach altitudes of 5000-6000 ft., culminating in Mount Sokhondo (8040 ft.) near the Transbaikal-Mongolia frontier. The range serves as the water-parting between the streams which flow to the Pacific and those which flow to the Arctic Ocean, and is a dividing line between the Siberian and the Daurian flora. The passes have altitudes of 2000-3500 ft. The range is a continuation of the Kentei Mountains of Mongolia, but is not orographically connected with the Stanovoi Mountains, farther to the N.E., though the names Yablonoi and Stanovoi are commonly used alternatively. The latter are the S.E. border-range of the lower terrace and are connected with the Great Khingan Mountains.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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