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Winkelmann, Eduard

WINKELMANN, EDUARD (1838-1896), German historian, was bom at Danzig on the 25th of June 1838. He studied at the universities of Berh'n and Gottingen, worked at the Monumenla Germaniae historica, and in 1869 became professor of history at the university of Bern, and four years later at Heidelberg. He also spent some time in Russia, teaching at Reval and at the university of Dorpat. He died at Heidelberg on the loth of February 1896.

Winkelmann wrote a Geschichte der Angelsachsen bis zum Tode Konig Mlfreds (Berlin, 1883); and his residence in Russia induced him to compile a Bibliotheca Livoniae historica (St Petersburg, 1869- 1870, and Berlin, 1878) ; but his chief works deal with the history of the Empire during the later middle ages. The most important of these are: Phtiipp von Schwaben und Otto IV. von Braunschweig (Leipzig. 1873-1878). Geschichte Kaiser Friedrichs II. und seiner Reiche 1212-1235 (Berlin, 1863) and 1235-1250 (Reval, 1865), Kaiser Friedrich II. (Leipzig, 1889-1898) and other writings on Frederick in the Jahrbucher der deutschen Geschichte (Leipzig, 1862 fol.). He edited the Acta imperil inedita (Innsbruck, 1880-1885), and with J. Ficker, Die Regesten des Kaiserreichs unter Wilhelm, Alfons X. und Richard (Innsbruck, 1882, 1901). Among Winkelmann's other works are Allgemeine Verfassungsgeschichte (Leipzig, 1901) and the Urkundenbuch der Universitdt Heidelberg (Heidelberg 1886).

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