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Warren, Minton

WARREN, MINTON (1850-1907), American classical scholar, was born at Pawtucket, Rhode Island, on the 2Qth of January 1850, a descendant of Richard Warren, who sailed in the " Mayflower " in 1620. He was educated at Tufts College and subsequently at Yale. After three years as a schoolmaster, he went to Germany to complete his studies in comparative philology and especially in Latin language and literature. Having taken the degree of doctor of philosophy at Strassburg in 1879, he returned to the United States as Latin professor at Johns Hopkins University. In 1899 he was appointed Latin professor at Harvard. His life-work was a new edition of Terence, which, however, he left unfinished at his death. He was director of the American School of Classical Studies in Rome (1897-1899), and president of the American Philological Association (1898). Among his publications are: " Enclitic Ne in Early Latin " (Strassburg dissert., reprinted in Amer. Journ. of Philol., 1881); On Latin Glossaries, with especial reference to the Codex Sangallensis (St Gall Glossary) (Cambridge, U.S.A., 1885); The Stele Inscription in the Roman Forum (Amer. Journ. of Philol., vol. xxviii. No. 3, and separately in 1908). He died on the 26th of November 1907.

See Harvard Magazine (Jan. 1908) and W. M. Lindsay in Classical Review (Feb. 1908).

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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