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Vogel, Eduard

VOGEL, EDUARD (1820-1856), German traveller in Central Africa, was born at Krefeld on the 7th of March 1829. He studied mathematics and astronomy at Leipzig and Berlin, and in 1851 engaged in astronomical work in London. In 1853 he was chosen by the British government to take supplies to Heinrich Earth, then in the western Sudan; and Vogel met Earth at Kuka in Bornu (1854). During 1854 and 1855 he explored the countries round Lake Chad and the upper course of the Benue. On the 1st of December 1855 he left Kuka for the Nile Valley, and nothing further was heard of him. Several search expeditions were organized to ascertain his fate and to recover his papers; it was not until 1873 that Gustav Nachtigal on reaching Wadai learnt that Vogel had been murdered in that country in February 1856.

See Erinnerungen an einen Verschollenen (Leipzig, 1863), by Vogel's sister, E. Polko, and Der Afrikaforschcr Eduard Vogel (Hamburg, 1889).

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