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Varley, Cornelius

VARLEY, CORNELIUS (1781-1873), English water-colour painter, a younger brother of John Varley (<?..), was born at Hackney, London, on the aist of November 1781. He was educated by his uncle, a philosophical instrument maker, and under him acquired a knowledge of the natural sciences; but about 1800 he joined his brother in a tour through Wales, and began the study of art. He was soon engaged in teaching drawing. From 1803 till 1859 he was an occasional exhibitor n the Royal Academy; and he also contributed regularly to :he displays of the Water-Colour Society, of which, in 1803, le was one of the founders, and of which he continued a member till 1821. His works consist mainly of carefully finished classical subjects, with architecture and figures. He published a series of etchings of " Boats and other Craft on the River Thames," and during his life as an artist he continued deeply interested n scientific pursuits. For his improvements in the camera ucida, the camera obscura and the microscope he received the Isis gold medal of the Society of Art&; and at the International Exhibition of 1851 he gained a medal for his invention of the graphic telescope. He died at Hampstead on the 2nd of October 1873.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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