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Tromp, Cornelius Van

TROMP, CORNELIUS VAN (1620-1691), the second son of MARTIN HARPERTZOON TROMP, was born at Rotterdam on the gth of September 1629. At the age of nineteen he commanded a small squadron charged to pursue the Barbary pirates. In 1652 and 1653 he served in Van Galen's fleet in the Mediterranean, and after the action with the English fleet off Leghorn on the 13th of March 1653, in which Van Galen was killed, Tromp was promoted to be rear-admiral. On the 13th of July 1665 his squadron was, by a hard stroke of ill-fortune, defeated by the English under the duke of York. In the following year Tromp served under De Ruyter, and on account of De Ruyter's complaints of his negligence in the action of the sth of August he was deprived of his command. He was, however, reinstated in 1673 by the stadtholder William, afterwards king of England, and in the actions of the 7th and of the 14th of June, against the allied fleets of England and France, manifested a skill and bravery which completely justified his reappointment. In 1675 he visited England, where he was received with honour by King Charles II. In the following year he was named lieutenant-admiral of the United Provinces. He died at Amsterdam, on the 2gth of May 1691, shortly after he had been appointed to the command of a fleet against France. Like his father he was buried at Delft.

See H. de Jager, Het Ceslacht Tromp (1883).

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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