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Tredegar Tree-Creeper

TREDEGAR TREE-CREEPER east of the point where the Via Caecilia diverges from the Via Salaria. It lies about i m. south-west of the modern Monteleone, and an amphitheatre and other remains are visible. In a dedication made there by the consul Mummius in 146 B.C. it is spoken of as a views, but when the praefecturae were abolished it became a municipium. The post station of Vicus Novus on the Via Salaria (mod. Osteria Li Massacci) belonged to its territory (see N. Persichetti in Romische Mitteilungen, 1898, P- !93)- (s) TREBULA SUFFENAS is generally placed 6 m. south of Reate (mod. Rieti) on the Via Quinctia, but is with considerable probability identified with Ciciliano, 10 m. east of Tivoli, 2030 ft. above sea-level, by Q. Cuntz (Jahreshefle des oesterr. arch. Instituts, 1899, ii. 89), who combines the evidence of inscriptions and of the description in Martial (v. 71), with a new interpretation of the Itineraries. There are remains of an ancient road, with substructures in rough polygonal work ascending to it in zigzags. (T. As.)

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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