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SPECULATION, a round game of cards at which any reasonable number can play. Each player contributes a stake to the pool, the dealer staking double. Three cards are dealt face downwards to each player; the top card of those left is turned up for trumps. Each player, beginning with the player on the dealer's left, turns up a card; if it is not a trump, or is a lower trump than the trump-card, the next player turns up one of his cards, and so on till a higher trump than the -trump-card appears, the values being reckoned as at whist. The holder may sell this card to the highest bidder, or retain it. The turning-up proceeds till a still higher trump is found, but the holder of the original highest does not turn up till his card is beaten. The new card may then be sold. The dealer may not turn up till the trump-card has been beaten. The holder of the highest trump when all the hands have been exposed takes the pool. If the ace of trumps is the trump-card, the dealer takes the pool; if it is turned up during play, the hand is, of course, at an end. Variations of the game allow the purchase of unseen cards or hands, or of the trump-card, even before it is turned up. The cards used in one deal are not dealt again till the whole pack has been gradually dealt out; they are collected and shuffled by the " pone " the player on the dealer's right to be used when the pack is exhausted.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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