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SCAFELL (pronounced and sometimes written Scaw Fell), a mountain of Cumberland, England, in the Lake District. The name is specially applied to the southern point (3162 ft. in height) of a certain range or mass, but Scafell Pike, separated from Scafell by the steep narrow ridge of Mickledore, is the highest point in England (3210 ft.). The ridge continues N.E. to Great End (2984 ft.), which falls abruptly to a flat terrace, on which lies Sprinkling Tarn. The terrace is traversed by the path between Sty Head Pass (1600 ft.) and Esk Hause (2490 ft.). The range thus defined may be termed the Scafell mass. Northwest from the Pike the lesser height of Lingmell (2649 ft.) is thrown out like a bastion, and the steep flank of the range, scored with the deep gully of Piers Gill, sweeps down to the head of Wasdale. On the east an even steeper wall, with splendid crags, falls to Eskdale. Above Mickledore ridge Scafell rises nearly sheer, the rock scored with bold clefts; here are some of the ascents most in favour with the mountaineers. Some of these tax climbers to the utmost; and the mountain has been the scene of several accidents.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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