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SAVE, or SAVA (Ger. Sau; Hungarian Szdva; Lat. Sams), one of the principal right-bank affluents of the Danube. It runs almost parallel with the other great tributary of the Danube, the Drave, both having about the same length. The Save rises in the Triglav group in Carniola from two sources, the Wurzener Save and the Wocheiner Save, which join at Radmannsdorf. It then takes a south-easterly course, and flows through Carniola and Croatia-Slavonia forming from Jasenovac the frontier-line between it and Bosnia and Servia and joins the Danube at Belgrade. The Save has a length of 442 m., the area of its basin being 34,000 sq. m. It is navigable'for steamers from Sissek to its mouth, a distance of 360 m., but navigation is greatly hindered by shifting sandbanks and other obstructions. Its principal affluents are, on the right, the Sora, Laibach, Gurk, Kulpa, Una, Vrbas, Bosna and Drina; and on the left, the Ranker, Feistritz, Sann, Sotla, Krapina, Lon ja and Orljava.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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