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Salas Barbadillo, Alonso Jeronimo De

SALAS BARBADILLO, ALONSO JERONIMO DE (c. 1580- 1635), Spanish novelist and playwright, born at Madrid about 1580, and educated at Alcala de Henares and Valladolid. His first work, La Patrona de Madrid reslituida (1609), is a dull devout poem, which forms a strange prelude to La Hija de Celestina (1612), a malicious transcription of picaresque scenes reprinted under the title of La Ingeniosa Elena. This was followed by a series of similar tales and plays, the best of which are El Cavallero puntual (1614), La Casa de placer honesto (1620), Don Diego de Noche (1623) and a most sparkling satirical volume of character-sketches, El Curioso y Sabio Alexandra (1634). He died in poverty at Madrid on the zoth of July 1635. Some of his works were translated into English and French, and Scarron's Hypocrites is based on La Ingeniosa Elena; he deserved the vogue which he enjoyed till late in the 17th century, for his satirical humour, versatile invention and pointed style are an effective combination.

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