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Principe Island

PRINCIPE ISLAND lies 90 m. N.E. of St Thomas, has an area of 42 sq. m. and is also of volcanic origin. Pop. (1900) 4327. The tsetse fly (which is not found in St Thomas) infests the wooded part of the island, and through it sleeping sickness has been spread among the inhabitants. The principal industry is the cultivation of cocoa. The chief settlement is St Antonio.

See A. Negreiros, Historia ethnographica da Ilha de S Thomi (Lisbon, 1895) and lie de San Thome (Paris, 1901); C. Gravier " Mission scientifique 4 l'!le de San Thom6 " Nouv. Arch. Miss. Scient. t. xv. (Paris, 1907) ; A. Pinto de Miranda Guedes, " Viacao em S, Thom6 " in B.S.G. Lisboa (1902) pp. 299-357; E. de Campos 1 According to Aug. Chevalier (in 0. Occidents, May zoth, 1910) the population of St Thomas and Principe combined in Dec. 1909 was 68,221, the " natives " being given at over 23,000.

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Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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