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POZHAREVATS (also written Passarowitz and Pozarevac), a town in Servia, situated in the Morava valley, 4 m. E. of the Morava river and 8 m. S. of the Danube. The station for steamers, Dubravitsa, with its custom-house, standing on the banks of the Danube, forms practically the harbour of Pozharevats. The town has no special industry, but is the principal market of a very extensive and fruitful plain between the rivers Morava, Mlava and Danube. It is the capital of a department bearing the same name, and the seat of a prefecture, a tribunal of justice, a college and several national or normal schools. It has a large modern penitentiary, with a department for political offenders and a prison for women. Two miles to the west, towards Morava, is situated Lubichevo, a model farm and stud belonging to the government. The shady park and flower gardens are a popular resort of the people of Pozharevats. The town is known in the history of international treaties as the place at which the famous peace of Passarowitz between Austria and Turkey was concluded in 1718. Pop. (1900), 12,957.

Lignite is worked at Kostolats, 7 m. N. by E., and the hills between Pozharevats and Kostolats show many traces of Roman mines. A number of coins, sarcophagi and inscriptions found in the neighbourhood are also Roman.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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