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PIZZICATO (from Ital. pizzicare, to pluck or twitch), a term in music for a direction L to the From A R Yomg and A Robi ^ n> in Cuaningham , s players of stringed instruments, that the passage ^ x _ D - ram represe nting a very young human ovum almost immediately so marked is to be played by plucking the strings after ;ts entrance ; nto t j, e decidua, and whilst the place of its entrance is still covered with the fingers instead of using the bow. w ; t h a plug of fibrin. The ectoderm has already proliferated and embraced spaces PIZZO, a seaport of Calabria, Italy in the which contain maternal blood and are continuous with the maternal blood-vessels.

province of Catanzaro, 72 m. by rail N.E. of ! i--i_.- <.!, n,,u ~f Qont^, j t ; s tne decidua basalis which is specially interesting in considering the formation of the placenta. That part which is nearest the ovum is called the " stratum compactum," but farther away the uterine glands dilate and give a spongy appearance to the mucous membrane which earns this particular layer the name of " stratum spongiosum. Processes grow out from the surface of the ovum which penetrate the stratum compactum of the decidua basalis and capsularis and push their way into the enlarged maternal blood sinuses; these are the " chorionic villi." Later, the " allantoic " or " abdominal stalk grows from the mesoderm of the hind end of the embryo into the chorionic villi which enter the decidua basalis, and in this bloodvessels pass which push their way into the maternal blood sinuses. Eventually the original walls of these sinuses, together with the false amnion, disappear, and nothing now separates the maternal trom the foetal blood except the delicate walls of the foetal vessels covered by some nucleated noncellular tissue, known as syncyitum, derived from the chorionic epithelium, so that the embryo is able to take it supply of oxygen and materials for growth from the blood of its mother and to give up carbonic acid and excretory matters. It is the gradual enlargement of the chorionic villi in the decidua basali: together with the intervillous maternal blood sinuses that forms tti placenta ; the decidua capsularis and vera eventually become prea Cavity whic becomes coelo; Unchanged layer.

Stratum spongiosum. \Uterine Stratum compactum. J mucosa.

Ectodennal villus enclosing space containing maternal blood.

Inner mass (Entoderm). Decidua vera.

Reggio, situated on a steep cliff overlooking the Gulf of Santa Eufemia, 351 ft. above sea-level. Pop. (1901), 9172- It nas an old castle, in which Joachim Murat, ex-king of Naples, was shot on the i 3 th of October 1815. The people engage in tunny- and coralfishing. In 1783 the town was almost destroyed by an earthquake, and it suffered some damage from the same cause in 1905.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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