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Pauli, Reinhold

PAULI, REINHOLD (1823-1882), German historian, was born in Berlin on the 25th of May 1823. He was educated at the universities of Bonn and Berlin, went to England in 1847, and became private secretary to Baron von Bunsen, the Prussian ambassador in London. Returning to Germany in 1855 he was professor of history successively at the universities of Rostock, Tubingen (which he left in 1866 because of his political views), Marburg and Gottingen. He retained his chair at Gottingen until his death at Bremen on the 3rd of June 1882. He was a careful and industrious student of the English records, and his writings are almost wholly devoted to English history.

His first work, Konig Aelfred und seine Stellung in der Geschichte Englands (Berlin, 1851), was followed by monographs on Bischof Grossetesle und Adam von Marsh (Tubingen, 1864), and on Simon von Montfort (Tubingen, 1867). He continued J. M. Lappenberg's Geschichte von England from 1154 to 1509 (Gotha, 1853-1858), and himself wrote a Geschichte Englands (Leipzig, 1864-1875), dealing with the period between 1814 and 1852. Two volumes of historical essays, Bilder aus Alt-England (Gotha, 1860 and 1876), and Aufsdtze zur englischen Geschichte (Leipzig, 1869 and 1883), and numerous historical articles in German periodicals came from his pen ; and he edited several of the English chroniclers for the Monumenta Germaniae hislorica.

See R. Pauli, Lebenserinnerungen, edited by E. Pauli (Halle, 1895); and the sketch of his life prefixed to O. Hartwig's edition of his Aufsdtze (Leipzig, 1883).

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