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PARNAHYBA, or Parnahiba, a port of the state of Piauhy, Brazil, on the right bank of the Parnahyba river, 250 m. below the c pital, Therezina. Pop. of the municipahty (1890), 4415. Parnahyba is situated at the point where the most easterly of the delta outlets, or channels, called the Rio Iguarassii, branches off from the main stream. All the outlet channels of the river are obstructed by bars built up by the strong current along the Atlantic coast, and only vessels of light draught can enter. The town has some well-constructed buildings of the old Portuguese type, including two churches and a fine hospital. Parnahyba is the commercial entrepot of the state. It exports hides, goat-skins, cotton and tobacco, chiefly through the small port of Amarragao, at the mouth of the Rio Iguarassu, 11 m. distant. ( PARNASSUS (mod. Lidkniira or Likcri) , a mountain of Greece, S070 ft., in the south of Phocis, rising over the town of Delphi. It had several pruminent peaks, the chief known as Tithorea and Lycoreia (whence the modern name). Parnassus was one of the most holy mountains in Greece, hallowed by the worship of Apollo, of the Muses, and of the Corycian nymphs, and by the orgies of the Bacchantes. Two projecting cliffs, named the Phaedri.adae, frame the gorge in which the Castalian spring flows out, and just to the west of this, on a sheK above the ravine of the Pleistus, is the site of the Pythian shrine of Apollo and the Delphic oracle. The Corycian cave is on the plateau between Delphi and the summit.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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