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ODDE, or ODDA, a village of Norway, in South Bergenhus ami (county), on the Sor Fjord, a head-branch of the great Hardanger Fjord. It is 48 m. directly S.E. of Bergen, but 123 by water (to Eide), road (to Vossevangen) , and rail thenceforward, or about the same distance by water alone. It is one of the principal tourist-centres in southern Norway, being at the end of the road from Breifond (27 m.) near which the routes join from Stavanger by Sand, Lake Suldal, and the Bratlandsdal, and from the south-eastern coast towns by the Telemark. This road, descending from the Horrebraekke, passes through the gorge of Seljestadjuvet, passes the Espelandsfos and Lotefos falls, and skirts the Sandven lake. Odde is also a centre for several favourite excursions, as to the Buarbrae, one of the glaciers descending from the great Folgefond snowfield, situated in a precipitous valley (Jordat) to the west of Sandven lake; to the Skjaeggedalsfos, a magnificent fall (525 ft.); or across the Folgefond to Suldal, a station on the Mauranger branch of the Hardanger fjord. Touring steamers and frequent local steamers from Bergen call at Odde, and there are several large hotels.

1 The late Roman chronicler Trebellius Pollio goes further and asserts " Odenatus rex Palmyrenorum optinuit totius Orientis imperium. . . . Gallienus Odenatum participate imperio Augustum vocavit," Hist. Aug. xxiii. 10 and 12. This is not borne out by the evidence. The highest rank claimed for him by his own people is recorded in an inscription dated 271 (N.S.I. No. 130) set jip by the two generals of the Palmyrene army; Odainath is styled king of kings and restorer of the whole city " ; but this does not mean that he ever held the title of Augustus, and the inscription was set up after his death and during the revolt of Palmyra'.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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