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NIRIZ, or NAIRIZ, a district and town in the province of Fars, Persia. The district has 24 villages and extends from near Istahbamat, south of the Bakhtegan lake, to about 50 m. E. Water is scarce and the plain is not much cultivated in consequence. The produce consists of some grain, cotton, tobacco, etc., but fruit is more abundant. Here, as in the neighbouring Darab district, villages situated in the hills are called madan (mine), and some travellers have in their itineraries indicated a mine in localities where there is none.

1 It has also been pointed out that the employment of the sign PI for wa and the use of 2 for s, cited in support of the earlier date, survived in the Kassite period.

The town of NlRlZ is situated in a plain 7 m. from the southeastern point of the lake, and about 130 m. from Shiraz, and has a population of about 9000. The people of Niriz were stanch followers of the Bab (see BABIISM), and rose against the government in 1850 and in 1852, with disastrous results. Niriz was formerly known for its manufactureof steel from iron ore brought from Parpa, 40 m. E.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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