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MOROSINI, a noble Venetian family, probably of Hungarian extraction, which gave many doges, statesmen, generals and admirals to the Venetian Republic, and cardinals to the Church. It first became prominent at the time of the emperor Otho II. owing to its rivalry with the Caloprini family, whom it succeeded in subjugating by the end of the 10th century. Domenico Morosini (d. 1156), elected doge in 1148, waged war with success against the Dalmatian corsairs, recapturing Pola and other Istrian towns from them. Marino Morosini (d. 1252) was elected doge in 1249; Michele was doge from June 1382, until his death in October of the same year.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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