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Mono Pan

MONO PAN (the Burmese Maingpan), a state in the eastern division of the southern Shan States, lying approximately between 19 45' and 20 25' N. and between 98 and 99 E., with an area of 2299 sq. m., and a population (1901) of 16,629. The main state lies, except for a few insignificant circles, entirely west of the Salween, but beyond that river are the four subfeudatory states of Mong Tun, Mong Hang, Mong Kyawt and Mong Hta. The only considerable area of flat land is round the capital, which lies in a large and fertile plain, marking roughly the centre of the state. From this plain rise on all sides low hills covered with scrub jungle, sloping up to ranges of about 5000 ft. on nearly every side. Rice is the only crop, irrigated where possible; elsewhere dry cultivation prevails. The state has valuable teak forests on both sides of the Salween, which cover a considerable but undetermined area. The general altitude of the valleys is about 2000 ft. The capital is small, and has only about 200 houses. The chief is of Sawbwa rank.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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