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MONLUC, or MDNTLUC, the name of a French family. The house of Lasseran-Mansencomme, which possessed the estate of Monluc in Agenais, and took its name in the 16th century, is held to be a branch of the family of Montesquieu. Marshal Blaise de Monluc (d. 1577), author of the Commentaires, had a son, Pierre Bertrand, called the Capitaine Peyrot, who perished in an expedition to Madeira in 1566, and another son, Fabien de Monluc, whose granddaughter, Jeanne de Monluc (d. 1657), countess of Carmaing, princess of Chabanais, brought the estates of her house to the family of Escoubleau by her marriage with Charles d'Escoubleau, marquess of Sourdis and Alluyes. Jean de Monluc, brother of the marshal, was bishop of Valence and Die, and distinguished himself in several embassies. He died in 1579, leaving a natural son, Jean de Monluc (d. 1603), seigneur de Balagny, who was at first a zealous member of the League, but made his submission to Henry IV., and received from him the principality of Cambrai and the baton of a marshal of France.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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