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Miloradovich, Michael Andrijevich, Count

MILORADOVICH, MICHAEL ANDRIJEVICH, COUNT (1770- 1825), Russian general, saw service under Suvarov in the wars against Turkey and Poland, and in the campaign of Italy and Switzerland (1799) earned much distinction as a commander of advanced troops. In 1805, having attained the rank of lieutenant-general, he served under Kutusov in the campaign of Austerlitz, taking part in the actions of Enns and Krems and in the decisive battle of the 2nd of December, in which his column held the Pratzen heights. In the Turkish War he distinguished himself at Giurgevo (1807). Promoted general of infantry in 1810, he commanded a corps at Borodino, and subsequently inflicted the defeat of Tarutino (or Winkovo) on Murat, king of Naples (October 18, 1812). His corps was one of those most active in the pursuit of Napoleon's Grande Armee, and in 1813 he led the rear-guard of the Allies after their earlier defeats. At the victory of Kulm he was present in command of a Russian-Prussian corps, which he led at Leipzig and in the campaign of 1814. From 1818 to the time of his death he was military governor of St Petersburg. He perished in the popular outbreak in the capital, on the 26th (14th o.s.) of December 1825.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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