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MEGATHERIUM (properly Megalotherium), a huge extinct edentate mammal from the Pleistocene deposits of Buenos Aires, typifying the family Megatheriidae (or Megalolheriidae), and by far the largest representative of the Edentata. Except, indeed, for its relatively shorter limbs Megatherium americanum rivalled an elephant in bulk, the total length of the skeleton being 18 feet, five of which are taken up by the tail. The Megatheriidae, which include a number of genera, are collectively For bibliographical information about the Megarians, see EUCLIDES; EUBULIDES; DIODORUS CRONUS; STILPO. See also ELEATIC SCHOOL; CYNICS; STOICS; and, for the connexion between the Megarians and the Eretrians, MENEDEMUS and PHAEDO. Also Zeller, Socrates and the Socratic Schools; Dyeck, De Megaricorum doctrina (Bonn, 1827); Mallet, Histoire de I'ecole de Megare (Paris, 1845); Ritter, Uber die Philosophic der 'meg. Schule; Prantl, Geschichte der Logik, i. 32; Henne, L'ecole de Megare (Paris, 1843); Gomperz, Greek Thinkers (Eng. trans. 1905), ii. 170 seq.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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