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Maurenbrecher, Karl Peter Wilhelm

MAURENBRECHER, KARL PETER WILHELM (1838-1892), German historian, was born at Bonn on the 21st of December, 1838, and studied in Berlin and Munich under Ranke and Von Sybel, being especially influenced by the latter historian. After doing some research work at Simancas in Spain, he became professor of history at the university of Dorpat in 1867; and was then in turn professor at Konigsberg, Bonn and Leipzig. He died at Leipzig on the 6th of November, 1892.

Many of Maurenbrecher's works are concerned with the Reformation, among them being England im Reformationszeitalter (Dusseldorf, 1866); Karl V. und die deutschen Protestanten (Dusseldorf, 1865); Studien und Skizzen zur Geschichte der Reformationszeit (Leipzig, 1874); and the incomplete Geschichte der Katholischen Reformation (Nordlingen, 1880). He also wrote Don Karlps (Berlin, 1876); Griindung des deutschen Retches 1859-1871 (Leipzig, 1892, and again 1902); and Geschichte der deutschen Konieswahlen (Leipzig, 1889). See G. Wolf, Wilhelm Maurenbrecher (Berlin, 1893).

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