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Mang Lon

MANG LON, a state in the northern Shan states of Burma. It is the chief state of the Wa or Vii tribes, some of whom are head-hunters, and Mang Lon is the only one which as yet has direct relations with the British government. Estimated area, 3000 sq. m.; estimated population, 40,000. The state extends from about 21 30' to 23 N., or for 100 m. along the river Salween. Its width varies greatly, from a mile or even less on either side of the river to perhaps 40 m. at its broadest part near Takiit, the capital. It is divided into East and West Mang Lon, the boundary being the Salween. There are no Wa in West Mang Lon. Shans form the chief population, but there are Palaungs, Chinese and Yanglam, besides Lahu. The bulk of the population in East Mang Lon is Wa, but there are many Shans and Lahu. Both portions are very hilly; the only flat land is along the banks of streams in the valleys, and here the Shans are settled. There are prosperous settlements and bazaars at Nawng Hkam and Mong Kao in West Mang Lon. The Wa of Mang Lon have given up head-hunting, and many profess Buddhism. The capital, Takiit, is perched on a hill-top 6000 ft. above sea-level. The sawbwa is a Wa, and has control over two sub-states, Mot Hai to the north and Maw Hpa to the south.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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