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MACIAS [0 NAMORODO] (J. 1360-1300), Galician trovador, held some position in the household of Enrique de Villena. He is represented by five poems in the Cancionero de Baena, and is the reputed author of sixteen others. Macias lives by virtue of the romantic legends which have accumulated round his name. The most popular version of his story is related by Hernan Nunez. According to this tradition, Macias was enamoured of a great lady, was imprisoned at Arjonilla, and was murdered by the jealous husband while singing the lady's praises. There may be some basis of fact for this narrative, which became a favourite subject with contemporary Spanish poets and later writers. Macfas is mentioned in Rocaberti's Gloria de amor as the Castilian equivalent of Cabestanh; he afforded a theme to Lope de Vega in Porfiar hasta morir; in the 19th century, at the outset of the romantic movement in Spain, he inspired Larra (?..) in the play Maclas and in the historical novel entitled El doncel de Don Enrique el doliente.

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