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Lindstrom, Gustaf

LINDSTROM, GUSTAF (1820-1901), Swedish palaeontologist, was born at Wisby in Gotland on the 27th of August 1829. In 1848 he entered the university at Upsala, and in 1854 he took his doctor's degree. Having attended a course of lectures in Stockholm by S. L. Loven, he became interested] in the zoology of the Baltic, and published several papers on the invertebrate fauna, and subsequently on the fishes. In 1856 he became a school teacher, and in 1858 a master in the grammar school at Wisby. His leisure was devoted to researches on the fossils of the Silurian rocks of Gotland, including the corals, brachiopods, gasteropods, pteropods, cephalopods and Crustacea. He described also remains of the fish Cyathaspis from Wenlock Beds, and (with T. Thorell) a scorpion Palaeophonus from Ludlow Beds at Wisby. He determined the true nature of the operculated coral Calceola; and while he described organic remains from other parts of northern Europe, he worked especially at the Palaeozoic fossils of Sweden. He was awarded the Murchison medal by the Geological Society of London in 1895. In 1876 he was appointed keeper of the fossil Invertebrata in the State Museum at Stockholm, where he died on the 16th of May 1901.

See obituary (with portrait), by F. A. Bather, in Geol. Mag (July 1901), p. 333.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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