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Klotz, Reinhold

KLOTZ, REINHOLD (1807-1870), German classical scholar, was born near Chemnitz in Saxony on the 13th of March 1807. In 1849 he was appointed professor in the university of Leipzig in succession to Gottfried Hermann, and held this post till his death on the toth of August 1870. Klotz was a man of unwearied industry, and devoted special attention to Latin literature.

He was the author of editions of several classical authors, of which the most important were: the complete works of Cicero (2nd ed., 1869-1874); Clement of Alexandria (1831-1834); Euripides (1841-1867), in continuation of Pflugk's edition, but unfinished; Terence (1838-1840), with the commentaries of Donatus and Eugraphius. Mention should also be made of : Handworterbuch der lateinischen Sprache (sth ed., 1874); Romische Litteraturgeschichte (1847), of which only the introductory volume appeared; an edition of the treatise De Graecae linguae particulis (1835-1842) of Matthaeus Deverius (Devares), a learned Corfiote (c. 15001570), and corrector of the Greek MSS. in the Vatican; the posthumous Index Ciceronianus (1872) and Handbuch der lateinischen Stilistik (1874). From 1831-1855 Klotz was editor of the Neue Jahrbiicher fur Philologie (Leipzig). During the troubled times of 1848 and the following years he showed himself a strong conservative.

A memoir by his son Richard will be found in the Jahrbticher for 1871, pp. 154-163.

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