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Karsten, Karl Johann Bernhard

KARSTEN, KARL JOHANN BERNHARD (1782-1853), German mineralogist, was born at Biitzow in Mecklenburg, on the 26th of November 1782. He was author of several comprehensive works, including H andbuch der Eisenhiiltenkunde (2 vols., i8i6;3rded.,1841); System der Metallurgie geschichllich , slatistisch , theorelisch undtechnisch (5 vols. with atlas, 1831-1832); Lehrbuch der Salinenkunde (2 vols., 1846-1847). He was well known as editor of the Archivfiir Bcrgbau und Hiiltenwesen (20 vols., 1818- 1831); and (with H. von Dechen) of the Archiv fur Mineralogie, Geognosie, Bergbau und Hiitlenkunde (26 vols., 1820-1854). He died at Berlin on the 22nd of August 1853. His son, Dr Hermann Karsten (1800-1877), was professor of mathematics and physics in the university of Rostock.

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