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KAN-SUH, a north-western province of China, bounded N. by Mongolia, E. by Shen-si, S. by Szech'uen, W. by Tibet and N.W. by Turkestan. The boundary on the N. remains undefined, but the province may be said to occupy the territory lying between 32 30' and 40 N., and 108 and 98 20' E., and to contain about 26o,ooosq.m. The population is estimated at 9, 800,000. Western Kan-suh is mountainous, and largely a wilderness of sand and snow, but east of the Hwang-ho the country is cultivated. The principal river is the Hwang-ho, and in the mountains to the south of Lan-chow Fu rises the Wei-ho, which traverses Shen-si and flows into the Hwang-ho at Tung-kwan. The chief products " Kansas " in archaic variants of spelling and pronunciation, " Kansaw," and still called, locally and colloquially, the " Kaw."

2 Before Kansas City, first Old Franklin (opposite Boonville), then Ft. Osage, Liberty, Sibley, Lexington, Independence and Westport had successively been abandoned as terminals, as the transferpoint from boat to prairie caravan was moved steadily up the Missouri. Whisky, groceries, prints and notions were staples sent to Santa F6; wool, buffalo robes and dried buffalo meat, Mexican silver coin, gold and silver dust and ore came in return. In 1860 the trade employed 3000 wagons and 7000 men, and amounted to millions of dollars in value.

of Kan-suh are cloth, horse hides, a kind of curd like butter which is known by the Mongols under the name of ivuta, musk, plums, onions, dates, sweet melons and medicines. (See CHINA.)

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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