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HOSTEL, the old name for an inn (see HOSPITAL, ad init.); also employed at Oxford and Cambridge to designate the lodgings which were in ancient times occupied by students of the university and to a certain extent regulated by the authorities. In some English public schools what is known as the " hostel " system provides for an organization of the lodging accommodation under separate masterships. , HOSTIUS, Roman epic poet, probably flourished in the znd century B.C. He was the author of a Bellum Histricum in at least seven books, of which only a few fragments remain. The poem is probably intended to celebrate the victory gained in 129 by Gaius Sempronius Tuditanus (consul and himself an annalist) over the Illyrian lapydes (Appian, Illyrica, 10; Livy, epit. 59). Hostius is supposed by some to be the " doctus avus " alluded to in Propertius (iv. 20. 8), the real name of Propertius's Cynthia, according to Apuleius (Apologia x.) and the scholiast on Juvenal (vi. 7), being Hostia (perhaps Roscia).

Fragments in E. Bahrens, Fragmenta poetarum Romanorum (1884); A. Weichert, Poetarum Latinorum reliquiae (1830).

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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