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Hervey De Saint Denys, Marie Jean Leon, Marquis

HERVEY DE SAINT DENYS, MARIE JEAN LEON, MARQUIS D' (1823-1892), French Orientalist and man of letters, was born in Paris in 1823. He devoted himself to the study of Chinese, and in 1851 published his Recherches sur I' agriculture et I' horticulture des Chinois, in which he dealt with the plants and animals that might be acclimatized in the West. At the Paris Exhibition of 1867 he acted as commissioner for the Chinese exhibits; in 1874 he succeeded Stanislas Julien in the chair of Chinese at the College de France; and in 1878 he was elected a member of the Academic des Inscriptions et de Belles-Lettres. His works include Poesies de I'epoque des T'ang (1862), translated from the Chinese; Ethnographic des peuples etrangers a la Chine, translated from Ma-Touan-Lin (1876-1883); Li-Sao (1870), from the Chinese; Memoires sur les doctrines religieuse; de Confucius et de I'ecole des leltres (1887); and translations of some Chinese stories not of classical interest but valuable for the light they throw on oriental custom. Hervey de Saint Denys also translated some works from the Spanish, and wrote a history of the Spanish drama. He died in Paris on the 2nd of November 1892.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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