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Governors Of The State

GOVERNORS OF THE STATE William Livingston . . . 1776-1790 Federalist William Paterson Richard Howell .

oseph Bloomfield ohn Lambert (Acting) ,oseph Bloomfield Aaron Ogden William Sandford Pennington Mahlon Dickerson Isaac Halsted Williamson . Garret Dorset Wall (Declined) Peter Dumont Vroom Samuel Lewis Southard Elias P. Seeley . Peter Dumont Vroom Philemon Dickinson . William Pennington . Daniel Haines Charles C. Stratton . Daniel Haines George Franklin Fort Rodman McCauley Price . William Augustus Newell . Charles Smith Olden .

1790-1793 1793-1801 1801-1802 Dem.-Repub. 1802-1803 1803-1812 1812-1813 Federalist 1813-1815 Dem.-Repub. 1815-1817 1817-1829 1839 1829-1832 Democrat 1832-1833 Whig Joel Parker Marcus Lawrence Ward 1833-1836 Democrat 1836-1837 1837-1843 Whig 1843-1844 Democrat 1845-1848 Whig 1848-1851 Democrat 1851-1854 1854-1857 1857-1860 Republican 1860-1863 ..

1863-1866 Democrat 1866-1869 Republican Theodore Frelinghuysen Randolph 1869-1872 Democrat Joel Parker Joseph Dorsett Bedle George Brinton McClellan George Craig Ludlow Leon Abbett Robert Stockton Green Leon Abbett George Theodore Werts John William Griggs . Foster MacGowan Voorhees (Acting) .... David O. Watkins Foster MacGowan Voorhees Franklin Murphy Edward Casper Stokes John Franklin Fort Woodrow Wilson 1872-1875 1875-1878 1878-1881 1881-1884 1884-1887 1887-1890 1890-1893 1893-1896 1896-1898 Republican 1898 1898-1899 1899-1902 1902-1905 1905-1908 1908-1911 wooarow Wilson . . .1911- Democrat

BIBLIOGRAPHY. For descriptive material see bibliographies in Bulletins No. 177 and 301 of the United States Geological Survey; the Annual Reports and especially the Final Report of the New Jersey Geological Survey; and the Annual Reports of the New Jersey State Museum, the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, and the New Jersey State Board of Agriculture.

History. The most important sources are: Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey (Archives of the State of New Jersey, 1st series), edited by W. A. Whitehead, F. W. Ricardo and W. Nelson (26 vols., Newark, 1880-1903); Documents Relating to the Revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey (Archives of the State of New Jersey, 2nd series; 2 vols., Trenton, 1901-1903) ; and Acts Oj the General Assembly of New Jersey from 1703-1761, reprinted by A. Learning and J. Spicer (Somerville, New Jersey, 1881).

For the period of the Dutch rule, see E. B. O'Callaghan's History of New Netherland (New York, 1846) ; and John Romeyn Brodhead's History of the State of New York (2nd vol., New York, 1853, 1871); E. P. Tanner, The Province of New Jersey (New York, 1908), the most thorough study of the period from 1664 to 1738; Samuel Smith's History of the Colony of Nova Caesarea, or New Jersey (Burlington, 1765; 2nd ed., Trenton, 1877), still one of the best accounts of the colonial period, and particularly valuable on account of its copious extracts from the sources, many of which are no longer accessible; see, also, William A. Whitehead's "The English in East and West Jersey, 1664-1689 " (in vol. iii. of Justin Winsor's Narrative and Critical History of America). Among the monographic contributions are Austin Scott's Influence of the Proprietors in Founding the State of New Jersey (Baltimore, 1885) and H. S. Cooley's Study of Slavery in New Jersey (Baltimore, 1896). Other useful contributions are A. D. Mellick, Story of an Old Farm; or, Life in New Jersey in the 18th Century (Somerville, New Jersey, 1889), full of interesting details; F. B. Lee and others, New Jersey as a Colony and as a State (4 vols., with an additional biographical volume, New York, 1902, rather unevenly proportioned, and inaccurate as to details; W. J. Mills, Historic Houses of New Jersey (Philadelphia, 1902); William Nelson, The New Jersey Coast in Three Centuries (2 vols., New York, 1902); Isaac S. Mulford, Civil and Political History of New Jersey (Philadelphia, 1851); W. A. Whitehead, East Jersey under the Proprietary Governments (New Jersey Historical Society Collections, vol. i., Newark, 1875); W. S. Stryker, Official Register of the Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War (Trenton, 1872); W. E. Sackett, Modern Battles of Trenton (Trenton, 1895), a political history of New Jersey from 1868 to 1894, dealing especially with the railway controversies; John E. Stillwell, Historical and Genealogical Miscellany (2 vols., New York, 1903-1906), containing data relating to the settlement and settlers of New York and New Jersey ; R. S. Field, The Provincial Courts of New Jersey; L. Q. C. Elmer, The Constitution and Government of New Jersey (vols. iii. and vii. of New Jersey Historical Society Collections, Newark, 1849, 1872); and David Murray, History of Education in New Jersey (No. 23 of Circulars of Information issued by the United States Bureau of Education, Washington, 1899).

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