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Godet, Frederic Louis

GODET, FREDERIC LOUIS (1812-1900), Swiss Protestant theologian, was born at Neuchatel on the 25th of October 1812. After studying theology at Neuchatel, Bonn and Berlin, he was in 1850 appointed professor of theology at Neuchatel. From 1851 to 1866 he also held a pastorate. In 1873 he became one of the founders of the free Evangelical Church of Neuchatel, and professor in its theological faculty. He died there on the 29th of October 1900. A conservative scholar, Godet was the author of some of the most noteworthy French commentaries published in recent times.

His commentaries are on the Gospel of St John (2 vols., 1863-1865; 3rd ed., 1881-1888; Eng. trans. 1886, etc.); St Luke (2 vols., 1871; 3rd ed., 1888; Eng. trans. 1875, etc.); the Epistle to the Romans (2 vols., 1879-1880; 2nd ed., 1883-1890; Eng. trans., 1880, etc.); Corinthians (2 vols., 1886-1887; Eng. trans. 1886, etc.). His other 172 GODFREY, SIR E. B. GODFREY OF BOUILLON works include .tudes bibliques (2 vols., 1873-1874; 4th ed., 1889 Eng. trans. 1875 f-). and Introduction au Nouveau Testament (1893 (. Eng. trans., 1894, etc.); Lectures in Defence of the Christian Faith (Eng. trans. 4th ed., 1900).

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