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Francesco Inghirami

FRANCESCO INGHIRAMI (1772-1846), a distinguished archaeologist, fought in the French wars (1799), and afterwards devoted himself especially to the study of Etruscan antiquities. He founded a college at Fiesole and collected, though without critical insight, a mass of valuable material in his Monumenti etruschi (10 vols., 1820-1827), Galleria omerica (3 vols., 1829-1851), Pitture di tiasifittili (1831-1837), Museo elrusco chiusino (2 vols., 1833), and the incomplete Storia della Toscana (1841-1845): these works were elaborately illustrated.

His brother, GIOVANNI INGHIRAMI (1779-1851), was an astronomer of repute. He was professor of astronomy at the Institute founded by Xirrjenes in Florence and published beside a number of text-books E/emeridi dell' occultazione delle piccole stelle sotlo la luna (1809-1830); Effemeridi di Venese e Giove all' uso de' naviganli (1821-1824); Tavole aslronomichi universal! portatili ( 1 8 1 1 ) ; Base trigonometrica misurata in Toscana ( 1 8 1 8) ; Carta topografica e geometrica della Toscana (1830).

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