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Charles Lowell

CHARLES LOWELL (1782-1861), brother of the last named, was born in Boston, graduated at Harvard in 1800, studied law and then theology, and after two years in Edinburgh and one year on the Continent was from 1806 until his death pastor of the West Congregational (Unitarian) Church of Boston, a charge in which Cyrus A. Bartol was associated with him after 1837. Charles Lowell had a rare sweetness and charm, which reappeared in his youngest son, James Russell Lowell (<?..).

Francis Cabot Lowell's son, JOHN LOWELL (1790-1836), was born in Boston, travelled in India and the East Indies on business in 1816 and 1817, in 1832 set out on a trip around the world, and on the 4th of March 1836 died in Bombay. By a will made, said Edward Everett, " on the top of a palace of the Pharaohs," he left $237,000 to establish what is now known as the Lowell Institute (?..).

See the first lecture delivered before the Institute, Edward Everett's A Memoir of Mr John Lowell, Jr. (Boston, 1840).

A grandson of Francis Cabot Lowell, EDWARD JACKSON LOWELL (1845-1894), graduated at Harvard in 1867, was admitted to the Suffolk county (Mass.) bar in 1872, and practised law for a few years. He wrote The Hessians and the Other German Auxiliaries of Great Britain in the Revolutionary War (1884), The Eve of the French Revolution (1892) and the chapter, " The United States of America 1775-1782 : their Political Relations with Europe," in vol. vii. (1888) of Winsor's Narrative and Critical History of America.

Note - this article incorporates content from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, (1910-1911)

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